Leaping Lions

Three-year-olds will develop independence by participating in class without an adult,. Our Leaping Lions learn to stay with a group and begin to understand and follow multi-step directions. Our lesson plans will build on those concepts while introducing your child to physical activities that will engage their imagination while developing gross motor strength, coordination, and early gymnastics fundamentals. Parents and adults are welcome to view their child in class from our large viewing area.

Class attire:
Masks are to be worn during class
Girls are to wear a leotard
Leotards with skirts attached or over it are NOT permitted. No tights are to be worn.
All girls must wear gymnastic shoes
Boys should wear a T-shirt tucked into shorts and grip socks. All apparel should be free of buttons, snaps or zippers
No jewelry except stud earrings

Per Week

40 Minutes


Ten Point O’s dedicated and enthusiastic instructors and staff have served two generations of area parents and children and we welcome you to take a closer look at who we are and what we offer.


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